Ahead of the pack and employable School Based Apprenticeship in Media

POSTED: 24th Oct

Ever wondered what life is like in the media industry? Thinking that a career in Film, TV or...

If you're interested in a career in technology, or how technology can further your career, check out this event!

POSTED: 12th Oct

Pivot Summit brings Australian and international thought leaders together to share their insigh...

Building the National Broadband Network (nbn) workforce

POSTED: 12th Aug

As part of the national broadband rollout, the National Broadband Network (nbn) is looking...

the top 25 skills that got you hired in Australia in 2014

POSTED: 19th Dec

Linked in has produced a global and an Australian list of the top 25 most desirables skills to get y...

If We Are to Work to 70, We Need to Rethink Work

POSTED: 19th May

As the Federal Government confirms its plans to increase the Australia’s retirement age to 70,...

Generation's success depends on more than jobs

POSTED: 5th May

We’ve had some great conversations on tackling youth unemployment in Australia, but it doesn&r...

New hope in jobs hunt

POSTED: 31st Mar

A digital project is helping to put Geelong on the map, writes Sue Green. With the looming end to...

Our city transforms with new job trends - Geelong rolling with changes

POSTED: 17th Mar

GEELONG as we know it has been transforming in front of our eyes. And yet, like the city’s tre...


POSTED: 17th Mar

Advocacy group ICT Geelong has announced plans to focus efforts ongrowing regional capability in wea...

Agribusiness opens up new job opportunities

POSTED: 14th Mar

Ice Cream making, fruit and nut tree growing, deer farming and bee keeping are among Geelong’s...

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