Geelong might be the second largest city in Victoria, but we are leading the way in new dynamic careers. This is great news for regional career seekers, and all those planning to move here for our attractive lifestyle, education and recreation choices.

Our career opportunities are just as inviting.

What is it like to work in Education in Geelong ?

Information, media and telecommunications professionals are in high demand across all Geelong’s regional trending industry sectors. Often their roles are hidden under categories like retail, finance and education administrators where software creation and management skills keep entire and complex organisations functioning. In Food and Fibre, for example, ICT is used to plan crops and program harvesters. Careers that Move ICT programs control the movement of people and goods all over the world. Regional Education, Construction, Administration, and Creative design industries are all powered by ICT.

Together with the new world of cyber security and social media there are dynamic opportunities for ICT professionals in industries throughout our region. Read more here

Traditional ICT roles like software developers, programmers and data analysts jobs in Geelong continue to show steady growth in the five years from 2011 to 2016. 

Software & Application Programmer

  • ICT professionals provide data, software solutions and support for all kinds of employment and industrial settings.

ICT Manager

  • ICT managers facilitate teams of ICT professionals who provide data, software solutions and support for all kinds of employment and industrial settings.

ICT professional and computer networker

  • ICT professionals provide data, software solutions and support for all kinds of employment and industrial settings.

Database and systems administrator, security specialist

  • ICT security specialist establishes, manages and administers an organisation's ICT security policy and procedures to minimise the risk of internal and external security threats. The ICT security specialist ensures the security of an organisation’s data, files and working systems.

ICT business analyst

  • ICT business and system analyst collects business data, analyses specific trends and opportunities within the data, and informs business to improve practice and maximise business opportunities.

Remember you can get started on your career in ICT without a university degree. Traineeships enable you to earn and learn on the job at the same time.

Use Geelong Careers’ live job feed position descriptions to gain an up to the minute guide to what employers value in experience, training and skills.

Geelong’s future is far reaching and surprising. Our top trending industries:  health, education, agribusiness, logistics, ICT, advanced manufacturing, construction and hospitality continue to grow. These are joined by professional services, up 16.5%, administration and safety services, up 12.4%, and arts and recreation up 20%. Read more here

To be ready we have to plan. With our population of 308,339 (2016) expected to grow by about a third again by 2031, Geelong Careers is committed to leading our region to prepare the work force we need, to ensure our region continues to achieve its full potential

Owner: Geelong Region Local Learning & Employment Network

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith

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